Introducing Cleverbrush Vector Editor!

The Fastest and easiest way to integrate a vector editor into your website, Cleverbrush offers you a component-based solution for your website. Our solution makes it easy to integrate in any part of your website, you don’t even have to code much.

Browser Support

Chrome Edge Safari Firefox

Product Details

Cleverbrush is a unique one of a kind solution, for any website that offers vector editing and more. As a component solution you only need to select the option that you need and you only pay per month fee. With 100’s of options to choose from you can customize it to suit your needs precisely.

With a couple of lines of code, you will empower your website with a powerful editing solution.

We can also offer you a default solution if you are not sure of the options that will work for your website. You can choose from a list of default features each with a wide variety of buttons and integration options.

To see some examples of the possibilities please click here to view some of how our client have used Cleverbrush.

Why should you use Cleverbrush Vector Editor?

With Cleverbrush Vector Editor you will enjoy the following benefits:

- So many options that you are spoiled for choice when it comes to products and available options for customization.

- One of the most powerful vector editing solution in the market today.

- The ability to White Label your vector editor component with your brand or logo once you have purchased your license.

- Support to help you select what you need and if it's not there we can assist you in customizing your solution specifically for you.

- 100% control of Cleverbrush editor behavior - onSave, onProgress and many more even product loading and export control etc.

- Cleverbrush supports exporting in SVG, PNG, JPEG and PDF formats.

- Multi-Lingual support in all major languages.

- Themazation support for CSS Themes and color matching once embedded.

- You can host the solution yourself or you could offer it as a SaaS product.

- Create powerful predefined templates for products.

- Easy to use REST API to manage every step of products, assets, users, exports, etc.

- iFrame or Pop-Up integration.

- Powerful but lightweight solution with a full Backoffice application for total control of your products and options.


Click the button below,fill the form and we will contact you back to give you a pricing. There are a lot possibilities:

  • - Different deployment models: self-hosted or cloud versions, additional features.
  • - Customizations of editor to fit your needs.
  • - We can develop additional features upon your request.
  • - Your language support.
  • - Extended support options.
  • - Regular updates.
  • - A lot of more...